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Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine

Brand: SX

Color: Blue

Main Power: 4.0~5.5 kw

Pump Power: 2.2 kw

Use: To separate water from wet material



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  • Technical Parameters

Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine

  • Product details

This screw extrusion solid-liquid separator machine is a kind of water dehydrator used in livestock manure, decoction dregs, rosaccea. This machine can separate livestock manure & original liquid dung into liquid-state organic fertilizer and solid-state organic fertilizer.

  • Performance characteristics
  1. Fast separation speed. After separation, the water content of the manure is between 50% to 60%. The deslagging content and water content is adjustable.
  2. High detergent power, no clogging, easy cleaning.
  3. The rack, screen frame and screen cloth of this machine are made of stainless steel and processed through antiseptic treatment, so this machine features corrosion resistance, high intensity and long service life.
  4. High degree of automation, low power consumption and reasonable price. This machine can be easily operated just by pressing the start button and stop button.
  • Range of application

The solid-liquid separator machine can be used in dewatering livestock manure of biogas digester. It not only can solve the precipitation problem of manure in biogas digester, but also greatly enhance the processing capacity of methane tank and reduce its coverage area. The manure after separating process can be directly used for fruit tree & forest fertilizer and also be as raw material of organic fertilizer, which can be sold to organic fertilizer plant or for self use of farmers. It  possesses both social benefit and economic benefit. This machine is widely used by intensive plant for its solid-liquid separation of animal waste, mash, decoction dregs, starch residue, soya residue, and high concentration organic sewage.
Working Video

Technical Parameters

Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine


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