Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer

Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer

Capacity: 2-12 t/h
Materials: various materials
Application: Fertilizer processing, chemical industry, metallurgy,
mining, building materials and other industries



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  • Technical Parameters

Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer

  • Product details

Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer is a profession equipment in fertilizer industry. It is a mixing equipment of our company to specially use in organic fertilizer blender. It is a modified equipment on the basis of original mixer. It is mainly used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and ash separator of thermal power plant. It can also be used for chemical metallurgy, mine, building material and other industries.

  • Performance of characteristics
  1. High efficiency and using alloy of high wear resistance. It features high mixing efficiency and small floor space. The screw blade adopts special alloy of high wear resistance.
  2. Low noise. This machine uses speed reducer to drive smoothly with low noise.
  3. Reasonable structure. This machine inputs the material from the top end and outputs the material form the bottom.
  4. Stable operation. The bonding surface is pressurize rigorous so it can operate steadily.
  • Working principles

The Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer works as follows: the electric motor drives the the reducer to revolve, then the reducer drives the main shaft, finally the main shaft drives the stirring tooth to mixing the materials.

Technical Parameters


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