Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

BB Fertilizer Mixer

BB Fertilizer Mixer

Capacity: 1-15 t/h
Materials: Various dry and wet materials
Application: organic or inorganic fertilizer



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  • Technical Parameters

BB Fertilizer Mixer


  • Product details

The BB Fertilizer Mixer avoids the chromatography or distribution of blend materials, improving the automatic weighing accuracy. This machine has solved the system issues caused by material features, mechanic shock, air pressure, voltage fluctuation and cold weather. It is an idea equipment for bulk blender fertilizer manufacturer because of its high accuracy, fast speed, long service life, etc.


  • Performance of characteristics
  1. High efficiency and using alloy of high wear resistance. It features high mixing efficiency and small floor space. The screw blade adopts special alloy of high wear resistance.
  2. Low noise. This machine uses speed reducer to drive smoothly with low noise.
  3. Reasonable structure. This machine inputs the material from the top end and outputs the material form the bottom.


  • Working principles

The subject equipment of the BB fertilizer mixer adopts positive and negative rotation operation. By unique interior screw and special three dimensional structure, this machine inputs and outputs the materials. The complete set of equipment features low price, small floor space, large production, uniform mixing and so on.
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Technical Parameters


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