Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer

Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer

Capacity: 2-15 t/h
Materials: Various dry and wet materials
Application: organic or inorganic fertilizer



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  • Technical Parameters

Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer

  • Product details

The horizontal mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and ash separator of thermal power plant. It can also be used for chemical metallurgy, mine, building material and other industries. When the machine is working, the material rotates compositely under the force of two opposite rotors. The rotary blades spin anticlockwise along the inner wall of the closed trough, driving the materials moving from side to side.


  • Working principles

The horizontal mixer are composed of three parts.

  1. The rack section: all the working components are installed and fixed on the rack. The rack of the machine adopts superior carbon steel sheet and channel. It has achieved with strict conformity certification and specific technological requirements for its intended use.
  2. The drive connection section: the electric motor drives belt pulley, triangular belt and reduction gears to move, making the main shaft rotate. Thereinto, the drive reducer and main engine both adopt nylon axle pin (or chain wheel) to drive the connector, easy to assemble and maintenance.
  3. Mixing and stirring section: through shaft pin, the driving wheel transmit materials to the main shaft. The special helical mixing blades wielding on the main shaft rotate synchronously, making the material turn over evenly in the teeter chamber. Then the materials are mixed completely, thus reducing the residual quantity of the materials. After a period of mixing, this machine output the materials from the discharge holes on the lower end.

Working video

Technical Parameters

Horizontal Mixer


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