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Organic Fertilizer + Chemical Fertilizer = Perfect Match

The organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, various macronutrients and micronutrients, and it contains active substances such as vitamins. The most prominent feature is that it can increase and supplement soil organic matter.


The organic matter in the soil can significantly improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, make the soil ploughing better, enhance the water seepage capacity, improve the soil water storage, fertilizer retention, fertilizer supply and drought resisting and flood control capacity, and increase the yield obviously, which is irreplaceable by chemical fertilizer.


In addition, organic fertilizer can provide nutrients needed for crops, protect crop roots and stems; enhance crop disease resistance, drought resistance, and waterlogging resistance; increase crop yield; improve food safety and greenness.



Above we talked about the benefits of organic fertilizers. But even if it is good, we can’t just use organic fertilizer because it has too little nutrients, can’t meet the nutritional needs of crops in each growing season, so we also need to use chemical fertilizer!


Everyone knows that excessive use of chemical fertilizers is harmful! However, chemical fertilizers are highly effective (as long as they are used reasonably), and it is still important for stable agricultural production and increased production.


At present, the actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizers in China is only 30%-45%, and some areas are even lower! When the organic fertilizer is applied, the beneficial biological activities improve the soil structure, increase the soil water retention and fertilizer retention capacity, thereby reducing the loss of nutrients, and increasing the effective utilization rate of fertilizers to more than 50%. It can also reduce the amount of fertilizer and reduce the cost of fertilization.


The United Kingdom, France, and Japan have reduced the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers since the 1970s and 1980s. Fertilization is mainly based on organic fertilizers. Although the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been greatly reduced, the production of cereals has increased. And the quality is much better than before.


Therefore, the principle of fertilization based on organic fertilizer and supplemented by chemical fertilizer is the most reasonable fertilization method at present!



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