Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

The Advantages of Making Organic Fertilizer from Distiller’s Grains

  1. Comprehensive nutrient content and high content: Containing two or more nutrients, it can supply a variety of nutrients needed for crops in a balanced and long-term manner, and improve the effect of fertilization.


  1. Good physical properties, easy to apply: compound fertilizer particles generally are more uniform, lower hygroscopicity for storage and application, and more suitable for mechanized application.


  1. Less minor components, no adverse effects on the soil: the nutrients contained in the compound fertilizer are usually necessary for crops to avoid the waste of certain material resources, and to avoid the adverse effects of certain sub-components on the soil.


  1. Various proportions, conducive to targeted selection and application: the main feature of compound fertilizer is that it can be selected and applied according to the characteristics of soil nutrients and the nutritional characteristics of crops to avoid the waste of certain nutrients and improve the yield of fertilizer.


  1. 5.Reduce costs& save money: compound fertilizers have fewer minor-components, the active ingredient content is generally higher than that of simple fertilizer, the fertilizer with the same nutrient quantity is small, the packaging and transportation cost is low, and the application is convenient.


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