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Comprehensive Analysis of Manure about Its Advantages and Hidden Danger

Advantages of manure

  1. The nutrients contained in manure are relatively comprehensive, and its fertilizer efficiency is stable and long-lasting. It not only contains a variety of nutrients, but also contains some substances that stimulate root growth and variousmicroorganismsbeneficial soil .
  2. Manure is rich in humic acid, which can improve soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, make the soil soft, improve soil moisture and air conditions, and facilitate root growth.And it can increase soil fertility and water retention.Last, it can promote soil Activities and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms by increasing ground temperature and
  3. Manure are divided into heat, warmand coolproperty. And it has the effect of regulating soil temperature.


Hidden danger of manure

  1. Undecomposed manure, especially the manure containingheavysalt, easy to soil salinization, increase soil salt concentration. In severe cases, the seeds will not germinate, causing burning seedlings, and burn roots. It also produces harmful gases that poison plants.
  2. Many pathogens, eggs, weed seeds, etc. in livestock manure can easily cause adverse effects on plants without high-temperature fermentation, and can also cause pests and diseases.
  3. Due to source problems, some manure mayhave higher contents of trace elements, even containing heavy metals, antibiotics, etc., which will poison plants and affect the safety of agricultural products.
  4. 4. Dueto more impurities, the purity deviation is extremely largeand the content is extremely unstable, the nutrient content and effect can not be guaranteed by a single application.


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