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High Temperature Aerobic Fermentation of Organic Solid Waste

Organic aerobic fermenter is a harmless treatment equipment which adopts foreign advanced technology. According to the content of organic components in organic waste, it has developed treatment suitable for different organic waste. It can work normally on high-humidity and high-cold and different geographical areas. It is an integrated equipment for organic waste such as poultry manure, sludge, and kitchen waste. The device utilizes the decomposition of microorganisms in nature. After 7-12 days of continuous microbial aerobic fermentation in a closed fermenter, the organic solid waste is deodorized, decomposed, and harmlessly treated, thereby realizing resource utilization use.

The reasons why organic aerobic fermenters receive so much attention are as followings:

(1) Eco-environment: Solid waste from many sources can be used to produce agriculturally beneficial products such as food industry, aquaculture and animal husbandry, and even activated sludge in waste water treatment. The products are rich in nutrients, humus, nutrients required by crops, and low phytotoxicity, which can fertilize the soil and improve soil quality.

(2)Hygiene: It can reach a fairly high temperature, killing pathogenic microorganisms and weed seeds in the material, and achieving harmless treatment to the environmen

(3) Energy: recycling of nutrients in organic materials



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