Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

10,000-30,000 Tons / Year Factory Area Planning And Production Facilities For Organic Fertilizer Factory.

Following the principles of environmental optimization, favorable production, land saving, easy management, convenient life and moderate beautification, the storage yard, fermentation field, deep processing production workshop and office area will be planned centrally at the target site.

  1. Storage yard

According to the ratio of main and auxiliary raw materials, plus the sedimentation tank, about 500 m2; generally light steel sandwich color plate structure plant.

  1. Fermentation field

Water containing 50% to 60% of the material, roughly 3m3 to produce 1 ton of finished fertilizer. Because the material is fermented for not less than 7 days, in order to ensure continuous production, the fermentation field should meet at least 10 days of production, and the fermentation field needs to accommodate 1000 m3 of material. The net area of the fermentation field is approximately 1500 m2. The fermentation shed generally adopts cement concrete column, steel structure roof truss and sun roof roof, and the dripping height is 4 m. The specific length of the fermentation shed is designed according to the terrain. The material fermentation site is hardened with cement, and the water does not store water during the rainy season. The drainage does not wash the material. Powered by power supply and tap water supply conditions, the road is smooth, suitable for walking machines.

  1. Processing workshop The production line equipment covers an area of about 1000m2and the height of the house is 4 meters. It is equipped with crushing, screening, granulation, drying, metering and packaging machines, etc.
  2. The finished product warehouse is 500 tonsaccording to the storage metering with coverage of about 600 m2.
  3. Other projects include office facilities, water supply and drainage, power, and living facilities, according to needs and investment.


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