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The Difference between Organic Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer, and Why to Promote Organic Fertilizer?

In agricultural planting, of course, chemical fertilizers are usually applied to crops. After all, chemical fertilizers contain multiple nutrients needed for the growth of food crops. But before the chemical fertilizers are industrialized, the organic fertilizers are used in rural areas. After all, the most common things in rural areas are animal waster, whether it is chicken or pigs, which will produce a lot of feces. Although these feces smell more stinky, but it is a good helper to plant the land and reduce cost. So what is the difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer?


  1. The concept of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer


The so-called chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer that is produced by industrialization and produced by chemical reaction to facilitate the growth and development of crops. There are many types of fertilizers, the most common one being urea. The reason why chemical fertilizers are popular is that they are highly targeted, fast effect, and high in nutrient content. If the crop lacks any nutrients, then you can buy specialized fertilizers. When the fertilizers are scattered in the ground, the growth of crops will be greatly improved.


Compared with the inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, that is the animal waste, is made through scientific processing and production technology.


Because it belongs to green safe natural fertilizer, it is welcomed by everyone. This fertilizer can provide various nutrients for the growth of crops. Its rich probiotics can improve the structure of the soil and increase the vitality of the land. This nutrient can provide crops with nutrients that cannot be provided by chemical fertilizers.




  1. Why does the country promote organic fertilizer?


1 Excessive use of chemical fertilizers can damage the structure of the soil and cause immeasurable damage to the soil. But organic fertilizers can improve this damage because it contains organic elements that give the soil a new vitality.


2 The improvement of soil and crops by organic fertilizer is a cyclical process, and the targeted development of nutrients requires a certain amount of time and process, and often requires a large amount. But fertilizer can improve the growth of crops in a short period of time, but it is also easy to lose a lot of nutrients.


3 The most common matter in organic fertilizers is probiotics. These microorganisms can play a biological role in the soil, and the land is continuously improved to make the poor soil more fertile, but the chemical fertilizer has the opposite effect.



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