Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Semi-wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet Material Crusher

Capacity: 1-8 t/h

Material: Animal waste, fermentation compost, etc.

Application: Bio organic fermentation fertilizer compost.



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  • Technical Parameters

Semi-wet Material Crusher

  • Product details

The semi-wet material crusher is used for crushing of biological organic fermented manure, municipal household waste manure, grass sludge carbon, rural straw garbage, industrial organic refuse, livestock manure and other biological fermentation high-moisture materials.

  • Performance characteristics
  1. Wide application and high reliability. This machine doesn’t have screen hole, so more than a hundred kinds of materials can be crushed, never blocking.
  2. Good crushing effect. This machine adopts double rotors to crush the materials by the upper and lower ends. The materials first are crushed to be fine particles, then to be powders, finally are unloaded from the discharge hole.
  3. Less manpower and easy operation. Adopting high-tech, this machine can be easily operated by one person. So it is reliable and easy to maintenance.
  • Working principle

The semi-wet material crusher is a professional breaking plant for fibrous materials of high humidity. This machine adopts high-speed spinning blade with fine fiber comminuting fineness efficiently. It is chiefly used in production and processing of organic fertilizer. It has good crushing effect of raw materials such as chicken manure and sodium humate.

  1. This machine uses high alloy wearable hammers. The hammers are disposed by forging handwork, so it is much more firm and durable than normal hammer and has longer service life.
  2. This machine adopts bi-directional adjusting clearance technology. If the hammer is worn, it can keep using after moving the position of the hammer. The space between adjusting hammer and lining plate can control the material diameter.
  3. This machine adopts centralized lubricating system. Under normal working , the lubricating oil can be injected without halting the machine.

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Technical Parameters

Semi Wet Material Crushe


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