Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Fertilizer Cage Crusher

Fertilizer Cage Crusher

Capacity: 1-10 t/h

Application: organic and compound fertilizer processing



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  • Technical Parameters

Fertilizer Cage Crusher

  • Product details

The fertilizer cage crusher belongs to horizontal cage type pulverizer. This machine is designed according to impacting crushing principle. The two sets of cage bars both inside and outside rotate oppositely at high speed. The materials are completely smashed by the impacting force of cage bars. So it is a powerful equipment for crushing of the compound fertilizer.

  • Performance characteristics
  1. High crushing efficiency and smooth operation. This machine features easy structure, high efficiency, tight sealing, smooth running, easy clean and convenient maintenance.
  2. Simple and compact structure, small floor space, easy maintenance & clean. So this machine is a powerful tool for crushing ammonium dihydric phosphate, diamonium phosphate, urea and other hard materials.
  • Working principle

Before use, lay this machine flat on the floor of the workshop and connect to a power, then it works without any equipment foundation. The crushing fineness is controlled by the space between the double rollers. The smaller the space is, the higher the fineness degree is. The finer the grinding effect is, the higher the productivity is. This equipment can be customized to movable type according to user’s requirements. Move to the relative location when using this machine, and remove it when not in use, very easy to use.

Technical Parameters

Fertilizer Cage Crusher


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