Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Workflow of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment from raw material collection to finished product packaging.

l1. Fermentation process: The first process of the production line is the fermentation of organic matter. During the production preparation phase, the compost will first be transported to the blender for turning and mixing to speed up the fermentation rate.

l2. Crushing process: At this stage, the compost block is pulverized using a pulverizer, and prepare well for subsequent granulation. However, if composting is better and there is no agglomeration, this step can be omitted.

l 3. Component quantification process: If a large variety of materials need to be added in the formula, in order to improve the processing efficiency and the accuracy of the proportion of each component in the formula, an automatic dosing system can be used. The system contains multiple quantitative belt scales, but if production It is pure organic fertilizer, and this step can be omitted.

l4. Granulation process: Disc granulators are widely used in the granulation of fertilizers. As a core step in the line, our equipment automatically screens out the shape of the particles that best suits the customer’s needs. The granulated fertilizer can delay the release of fertility and greatly reduce the times of artificial fertilization.

l5. Drying process: In order to reshape the pellet shape and better store it, the moisture content of the fertilizer should not exceed 14%. Drum dryers are widely used in drying fertilizers.

l6. Cooling process: In order to increase the hardness of the fertilizer granules, a drum cooler can meet this demand.

l 7. Screening process: Use a cylindrical sieve to screen out the particles of moderate size. The oversized fertilizer particles will be re-pulverized and granulated.

l 8. Coating process: The fertilizer granules are coated with a roller coating machine to prevent particle adhesion.

l 9. Packing process: As the final step of the production line, the packaging process generally uses an automatic baler to quantitatively pack the fertilizer into bags for sale.

l10. Dust removal system: The dust generated in all processes will be collected and dusted.

l11. Supporting facilities, the production line is equipped with belt conveyors and bucket elevators for connecting various equipments.



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