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Why Can’t Livestock Manure Be Directly Used as Fertilizer?

Fresh feces can be applied directly when diluted with water, but why should we use them after composting? Due to human and animal feces contain undigested protein, fat, cellulose and other nutrients, and a lot of water, thus providing an excellent conditions for bacteria breeding. The phenomenon that is what we call the fermentation. Either aerobic or anaerobic fermentation, it will produce a high quantity of heat (The temperature can reach 75℃ in composting). Such high temperature, plant roots can not afford. There’s what we call a “burn root.” This is the first (when diluted with water, microbes can be prevented from proliferating in large numbers. The temperature will not rise so fast, also avoids the root burning, so I say it can be directly applied);  

Secondly, there are a large number of bacteria in human and animal excrement, such as coliform nematodes, which may pose a potential risk for direct application; Third, the faeces of nutrients such as protein, cellulose, etc. cannot be absorbed by the plant directly. After composting fermentation, they can be converted into amino acid organic sugar, organicsalt and so on, which can be absorbed by the plant. Compost can kill germs by high temperature, and the feces can be transformed into stable and easily absorbed substances by microorganism, so fresh feces need compost before they can be used as fertilizer.



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