Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

What should be considered when setting up an organic fertilizer plant?

1. The capacity of the equipment: for example, how many tons per year, or how many tons per hour, or how many tons per day? Only then can the price be determined.
2. Determine whether the production is powder or granular: The powder equipment generally has a small investment. And the main equipment includes pre-mixing equipment, turning equipment, screening equipment, organic fertilizer powder packaging equipment, belt conveyors, etc.
If you choose granules, it depends on what shape is produced, whether it is standard spherical or irregular, which depends on the local fertilizer sales market and farmers’ consumption habits.

3. The selection of granulator: If it is a standard spherical granulator, disc granulator, drum granulator, new type granulator,etc., all of which are required drying equipment is matched. If you choose columnar granules, the main equipment is flat die granulator. If you choose flat spherical, the main equipment is a roller extrusion granulator, and no drying is required during production.
4. Determine the configuration level of the equipment: the level of configuration is different, the price of the equipment is different, the amount of labor is different, and the production environment is also different.
5.Determine the type of fertilizer to be produced: There are four general types of organic fertilizers: pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, and compound microbial fertilizer. Pure organic fertilizer has strong adaptability and can be produced by general equipment. Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer depends on the fertilizer formula. If the total nutrient content is high, the selection of equipment granulator is more important.
6.Selection of fermentation machine: The general fermentation forms include stack-type fermentation and tank-type fermentation. The fermentation methods are different, and the fermentation equipment is also different.
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