Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

What is needed to produce organic fertilizer?

1. Raw materials: chicken dung, pig dung, cow dung, duck dung, sugar residue, distiller’s grain, sludge, medicine residue, sugar residue, etc.
2. Fermentation: The purpose of aerobic fermentation is to fully decompose, sterilize, deodorize and remove water. After fermentation, the moisture content of the raw material does not exceed 35%, and it is odorless and tasteless.
3. Crushing + sieving: crushing the fermented materials and then sieving out the incompletely crushed materials and crushing again
4. Mixing: Add trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in proportion, and stir evenly. Powdered organic fertilizer can be directly packaged after further drying.

5 Granulation: This is the most important link. According to your own requirements, it can be made into spherical, oblate, and cylindrical shapes. Also, you can choose suitable granulating equipment according to your own conditions.
6. Drying: Low temperature hot air (≦65℃) is to dry the moisture to below 30%.
7. Cooling: After drying, the temperature is slightly higher, and then the natural air is introduced through the cooler for cooling.
8. Screening: Screen the particles, and then the large particles are sent to the pulverizer through the belt conveyor for re-pulverization.
9. Coating machine: Add brightener and anti-caking agent to make the particles more round and smooth.
10. Automatic packaging: the packaging is 50kg/bag of finished products, and the hourly output can reach 8-10 tons (160-200 bags).
11. Conveyor belt: The entire process requires belt conveying for uniform and continuous production.
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