Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

What do you need to open a fertilizer factory?

What do you need to open an organic fertilizer plant? Which aspects of investment cannot be saved and which ones can be replaced?
1.The site of plant
The following points should be paid attention to about selecting the site:
(1) Staying away from residential areas
(2) Closing to the raw materials
2.The raw materials
Animal manure can be the raw materials of organic fertilizer such as cow dung, sheep dung, pig dung and chicken dung. If you don’t have these raw materials, you can purchase them from farmers. And the larger the quantity you buy, the more favorable the price is.
These are the things that need to be prepared to open an organic fertilizer plant for your reference.

Organic Waste to Fertilizer Production Line
3.The organic fertilizer equipment
The following are commonly used organic fertilizer equipment.
(1)Fermentation compost equipment: groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner, crawler type compost turner, fermentation cylinder
(2)Crushing equipment: new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher
(3)Mixing equipment: horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal mixer, single shaft mixer, disc mixer
(4)Granulating equipment: new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, double roller extrusion granulator, disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die granulator
(5)Drying and cooling machine: rotary drum drying machine, rotary drum cooling machine
(6)Auxilirary equipment: loader type feeder, rotary screening machine, rotary coating machine, static batching machine, dynamic automatic batching system, dust collector, solid-liquid separator machine, conveying equipment, single(double) bucket automatic packing scale, automatic palletizer
This is a complete set of organic fertilizer production line. If you produce powdered fertilizer, you don’t need to buy granulation equipment. Fertilizer production equipment can be freely matched according to your needs and budget.



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