Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Tips for prolonging the life of organic fertilizer equipment

1. Reduce the influence of temperature. During the operation of the equipment, each component has its own normal bearing range. For example, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic rotating system is 30-60 degrees. If the temperature is lower or higher, the equipment will be worn out early, thereby reducing the service life.
2. Reduce the influence of mechanical impurities. Some metal chips or wear objects that appear in the organic fertilizer equipment itself during the use process, these impurities enter the inside of the machine, and the wear and tear of the parts is great.
3. Ensure normal workload. The size of the working load of the organic fertilizer equipment has a great influence on the wear and tear of the equipment. Generally, the damage of parts is proportional to the overload work.

4. Reduce equipment corrosion. Corrosion on the surface of the equipment will directly affect the production status of the internal structure of the machine.
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