Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

The fermentation of pig manure

First, the feces are dried to 30% moisture and 40% moisture. The feces are mixed with crushed straw and other puffed materials. And then you should add 1 kg of clinker to every 100 kg of raw materials. After mixing well, the mixed material can be made into piles to ferment.

During the fermentation, the maturity of the compost can be determined according to the temperature of the compost. After three days, the temperature below 30 cm can reach 70℃. After mixing, the temperature of the compost can reach 80℃.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)

After ten days after, the pile should be turned by crawler type compost turner at second time. The temperature of the compost surface is 60℃. For the third time after 10 days, the temperature of the compost is 40℃. After mixing, the temperature is 30℃ and the moisture content is about 30%. After that, there is no mixing. The fermentation usually takes 13 to 15 days. This high-temperature composting can kill seeds of weed in the feces and greatly reduce E. coli to achieve the purpose of harmless treatment of organic fertilizer.

Method to judge whether pig manure is decomposed fully

The successfully fermented pig manure does not have a strong smell. It has white mycelium and it is loose. After meeting three conditions above, the pig manure can be processed into organic fertilizer by the pig manure fertilizer production line.



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