Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Moving Type Compost Turner

Capacity: 300-400 cubic meters / hour.
Materials: livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste,
filter mud in sugar factory.
Application: organic fertilizer production.



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Moving type compost turner

  • Product details

The moving type compost turner is the main machine of complete set of equipment for bio-organic fertilizer. This machine adopts four-wheeled walking design, whose moving forward, backward and swerving are controlled by one driver. First the whole machine moves over the prepared long-strip fertilizer base, then the rotating cutter shaft under the racks make the raw materials mixed, fluffy and moved, finally forms a new strip-type stack after the machine passed through. This machine can work on an open area or a workshop shed.

  • Performance characteristics
  1. Advanced fermentation technology. It adopts micro-organism aerobic fermentation design, making the zymophyte function well.
  2. This machine can mix viscous livestock manure, microbial preparation and straw power evenly, which creates a better aerobic environment.
  3. The complete machine’s power is balanced and appropriate. It also features low energy consumption and large production, reducing the production cost of bio-organic fertilizer.
  • Working principle

Its working principle is as follows: this machine uses diesel engine as its power source, and drives through power transmission. It rotates the materials by machetes and is controlled by a driver.  Its range of application is follows: First, the width of strip heap can not exceed the equipment’s width. The height can be increased by any length within 100mm. Second, the vacant space of both ends of material pile is not less 10 meters and the space between two materials heap must be more than one meters. Third, this machine is just an moving type composting equipment, and cannot be used as a walking vehicle or a load-carrying vehicle. Last, the operation area must be flat and the ground are required to be cement flooring.
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