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How to solve the problem of organic fertilizer caking?

There are problems of agglomeration in the production, transportation and storage of fertilizers, so how exactly does the agglomeration occur? Nothing more than three aspects:
1. The strength of the finished organic fertilizer particles cannot be reached.
2. The finished product has high moisture content.
3. It is affected by air humidity or rain season during storage and transportation.
First of all, we can use extrusion granulator or organic fertilizer wet granulator to solve the strength problem of fertilizer granules. For the control of material moisture, we can add drying and cooling processes to the process after granulation.
Then it is necessary to pay attention to the storage and transportation process. When storing, try to store the finished materials in a dry and ventilated area. During the transportation process, due to the different weather in different places, it is inevitable to encounter cloudy and rainy weather. such as sealing should be dealt with.

Therefore, as long as the organic fertilizer production equipment with high granulation strength is selected in the granulation process, and the problems of air humidity and rainwater are paid attention to during storage and transportation, the problem of organic fertilizer agglomeration can be fundamentally solved.
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