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How to make the maintenance of the flat die granulator

How to extend the service life of the flat die granulator equipment and without reducing the efficiency of production. Next, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you how to make the maintenance of the flat die granulator.
1.Excellent lubricating oil is required. The injection method of oil must be carried out in accordance with the manual. Besides, the time of oil injection time must be grasped. And these are the keys to the maintenance of the flat die granulator.
2. Due to the direct contact between the press wheel of the granulator and the material, it’s inevitable that the material is adhered to the machine and even enters it. When the raw material enters the inner of press wheel, it will cause excessive wear and increase the probability of damage. Therefore, the flat die granulator needs to be cleaned on time, which is an effective ways to reduce the damage that wheel bears.
3. It is necessary to maintain a proper gap between the equipment and the parking state during the production process, which can reduce the wear caused by friction. And the gap should be satisfied with the requirements of materials and density.
The method of the maintenance of the flat die granulator and some precautions are mentioned above. Do not just check the condition of the pressure wheel during inspection and cleaning. After adding raw materials, some raw materials are adhered to the machine. When the machinery stops working, it must be cleaned as soon as possible. Do not leave these residues on the granulator so that it will not affect the following use of machine. Therefore, the machine should be whole cleaned and maintained on time. The flat die granulator can also be kept tidy all the time and maintain a state of high-efficiency production.



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