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How to compost mushroom residues

Because mushroom residue is rich in nutrients needed by organisms, the fermented mushroom reside organic fertilizer has a good effect on the cultivation of various vegetables and fruit trees. The following is the way to turn mushroom residue into treasure by compost turner.
Steps of the method of fermenting mushroom residue to make organic fertilizer:
1. Dosage ratio: 1 kg of microbial broth can ferment 200 kg of mushroom residue. And waste mushroom residue must be crushed before fermentation. The bacteria liquid is diluted with water. Then the bacteria liquid and raw materials are fermented and mixed evenly. Finally, they are piled up for fermentation. Because these materials have relatively high C/N, in order to achieve a better softening effect, some urea can be appropriately added.

2. Mix well and aerate: When fermenting the mushroom residue material, it must be stirred evenly. Pay attention to aeration when you turn the raw materials.
3. Moisture: The moisture content of the fermented mushroom residue material should be controlled at about 50%. That is to say, when you grasp the material, the water can be seen but not drop. And it is advisable to disperse after landing. If there is less water, the fermentation will be slow. If the water is much more, the ventilation will be poor. The moisture can be grasped according to the actual conditions of the material.
4. Temperature: It is better to start the fermentation temperature above 15℃, and one week is enough for the fermentation. In winter, the time of fermentation is longer for the low temperature.
5. Final fermentation: The fermentation can be stopped when the mushroom residue material reaches the softening effect. If the time is too long, it will consume too much cellulose in the material.



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