Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

How many tons of organic fertilizer can 10,000 sheep produce per year?

A farm with 10,000 sheep, how much sheep manure can be produced every day, and how many tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer can be made? Here is a simple estimate for your reference.
An adult sheep produces about 1.5 kg manure a day. 10,000 sheep can produce 15 tons one day. And the annual production of manure is 5,475 tons. Three tons of sheep manure can be processed into about 2.2 tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer after dehydration and fermentation. About 2,488 tons of organic fertilizer can be processed from 5,475 tons of sheep dung. The processing output is so large that it can be equipped with a set of 5,000 tons. This organic fertilizer production line with the capacity of 5,000tons is small. And the investment amount is not too much. (subject to actual data)

The 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line can produce powder and granular fertilizers according to market demand. The equipment included in the 5,000-ton organic fertilizer production line includes: fermentation turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, mixer, disc granulator, screening machines, drum dryers, pellet rounders, coating machines. It can also be matched with a weighing packaging machine for automatic weighing and sealing packaging.
All processes of producing sheep manure organic fertilizer by using lines are automated, and the sheep manure fermentation time is much shorter than the traditional method, and the fermentation is more thorough. The processed fertilizers are more in line with the standard of organic fertilizers sold in the market. Welcome yo contact us for details.



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