Bio pellet and powder fertilizer manufacturing machines

Equipment needed for powdered organic fertilizer production

The equipment required for the production of powdered organic fertilizers is relatively simple. The equipment is mainly five pieces: organic fertilizer turner, forklift, grinder, screening machine and packing machine.
Four sets of belt conveyors need to be connected between the equipment and the equipment to form a complete powdery fertilizer production line: 1. A set of belt conveyors on the crusher connect the large pieces of raw materials that have been sieved. 2. A belt on the top of the screening machine is connected to the fermentation raw materials. 3. A belt under the sieving machine is connected to the finished material after sieving. And the finished material is sent to the packing machine for weighing and packaging. 4. The warehouse needs a conveyor for loading.

If manufacturers of large volume organic fertilizers or organic inorganic compound fertilizers, it also need to purchase mixing mixers, automatic quantitative packaging scales, etc. The belt conveyor also needs to be added. In short, fertilizer manufacturers need to choose suitable production equipment according to their actual conditions. Welcome to contact us for details.



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