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Basic indicators of fully fermented cow dung organic fertilizer

1. Looseness: The biological fermentation method begins to loosen from the fourth day of fermentation, and it is in the form of fine powder.
2. Odor: The odor is reduced from the second day, basically disappears on the fourth day, completely disappears on the fifth day, and emits a fragrance of earth on the seventh day.
3. Temperature: The temperature reached the high temperature stage on the second day, and began to fall back on the seventh day. Keep the high temperature stage for a long time, and the fermentation is thoroughly decomposed.
4. Color: The color changes from the initial yellow to coffee or dark brown.

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5. Moisture content: The initial moisture content of fermentation raw materials is 55%, and the moisture content can be reduced to 30% by biological fermentation method.
6. Carbon-to-nitrogen ratio: When the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio of the compost reaches below 20, it reaches the maturity index.
7. The number of Escherichia coli and the death rate of roundworm eggs. Fecal coliform count ≤ 100/gram (mL) Ascaris egg mortality ≥ 95%.
8. Seed germination rate: The germination rate of cow manure fermented by biological fermentation method can reach more than 80%.
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